Our Mission

Providing a space for women to celebrate their successes in business, home and life. The new millennium lady of the leaf has the TENACITY to go after what she wants, breaking barriers and ceilings in business. We are entrepreneurs, corporate CEO's, executives, professionals, full-time mothers and socialites who have a significant INFLUENCE on our community. As we build bridges across industries, many of us have been able to use cigars as a vehicle to cross those bridges, all while maintaining the ELEGANCE that a true leader embodies.


Our Story

History begins with YOU! The inaugural Ladies of the Leaf Festival will be the first of its kind and you will be a part of history. It is a three day festival highlighting the power and beauty behind female cigar smokers. It is a perfect blend of fun and education. We look forward to you being a part of the first chapter of our story.

Next Steps...

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